Products and Services

Endevre Suite

The Endevre Suite is a suite of first party productivity applications designed to streamline your day to day workflow. Your data and information is securely stored in the Endevre Cloud allowing for seamless integration between services. Applications included within the Endevre Suite are Endevre ID, Endevre Notes, and Endevre Draw, with more applications currently in development.

Endevre ID

Your one account that integrates seamlessly between all first party Endevre applications. Our version 3.0.1 of Endevre ID brings state-of-the-art technologies including a newly redesigned dashboard as well as additional authentication methods such as 2fA.

Endevre Connections

Endevre Connections is a next-level communication platform aimed for deployments around live or virtual events. Event organizers get access to powerful management tools from registration and user check-in, to custom forums and team creation/management. Connections allow event organizers to create an interactive space where attendees can seamlessly interact amongst themselves as well as with the organizers.

PowellView by Endevre is an interactive chart viewing website created by Endevre. Powered by TradingView, users are able to interact with market data using the full suite of chart tools complete with custom animations.

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