About Us

Our Mission

At Endevre Technologies, we strive to bring the future to today.

Endevre Technologies was founded on January 2017 as a spinoff from Infohandle.
Endevre Technologies focuses on creating meaningful connections for customers with others and the world. Endevre Technologies is an software development technology company owned and operated in California.


Our goal is to support aspiring engineers in pursuing their interests through the sponsorships of community events. We have and will continue to support coding events like hackathons and programming competitions and inspire young programmers.


Endevre currently have two subsidiary companies, Endevre Design and Infohandle Network. You can visit their respective websites as linked below.


Here at Endevre, we strive towards high quality of work, and that begins with an amazing development team. The full list of all our wonderful staff can be found at the Leadership Page.


Endevre Research Group is a research organization founded to conduct cutting edge research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. Learn more about current projects and members at the Endevre Research Group homepage.